*Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)*

*Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)*

1. QUESTION: Do i pay for the services rendered by TEEMSELF Global on my behalf?
ANSWER : No, you are not paying a dime likewise no extra deductions from your bank account.

2. QUESTION: Do i need to have ATM card?
ANSWER: Absolutely No.

3. QUESTION: Can i do transactions without having a bank account?
ANSWER: Yes, you can but you can't receive money since you don't have a bank account with any commercial banks UNLESS you want us to receive the money through our own corporate account. But you have the mandate to do other transactions like transfer, deposits, data subscriptions etc.

4. QUESTION: How do i know if the person has received the money or if your own transactions have been processed.?
ANSWER: Instantly, you will get the proof from us, your bank or the receiver.

5. QUESTION: Do i need to come to your office before i can process my transactions?
ANSWER: No, only if you stay nearby or if convenient for you.

6. QUESTION: Why is it not mandatory for me to come?
ANSWER: No, because we can get the monetary value for the transactions you want to process through your account. Unless you don't have sufficient funds.

7. QUESTION: What if i don't have sufficient funds in my bank account for the transaction i want to process ?
ANSWER: You will need to bring cash to our office or meet with you at your location. Or we process on your behalf and you fund us later: if only you are a trusted customer. We have a modus operandi for that.

8. QUESTION: Are my personal and account information secured?
ANSWER: Yes, we assure you that as we have the mandate of the authorized Federal Government  parastatals.

Note: We can't request for your BVN or ATM CARD's password or PIN. Beware of Fraudsters.

9. QUESTION: What will be your own gain processing transactions free for me?
ANSWER: As a partner to Interswitch, we have a mutual agreement which is legal binding.

10. QUESTION: What is my own gain as a customer?
ANSWER: You will be safe from all stresses, have access to our bonuses and other freebies.

11. QUESTION: Do we have a closing time?
ANSWER: No, we work 24hrs but our offices are open from 7am to 9pm. All other transactions are processed for you online.

Contact for further info:
Call 📞/ Whatsapp:08095505269, 07032862443, 08081364659


Or visit: www.teemselfglobal.blogspot.com.ng



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