TEEMSELF Global partners INTERSWITCH as Quickteller Paypoint

With the mandate conferred on us by the Federal Government; Company & Allied Matters Act(CAMA),  Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) & Quickteller . Teemself Global with RC2472169 and TIN: 20412524

Find out more on what TEEMSELF GLOBAL does as a partner/Quickteller Paypoint to Interswitch Financial Inclusion Services Ltd.

Teemself Global as a partner helps customers reduce costs, increase revenues, tighten security, expand product offerings, and improve service levels on technology.

Our direct connection with leading banks and other International payment platforms, enable customers of financial institutions on the switch have secure, continuous access to all the ATMs on the Interswitch network irrespective of ownership and location.

In a layman explanation: Teemself Global is ready to relieve you of the stress you encounter going to bank queuing for cash deposits, transfer and withdrawal or trying to approach PHCN/DSTV/GOTV/STARTIMES offices etc to make payment for subscriptions.

We are here to save you from every penny deducted for bank transfers.

TEEMSELF Global being a partner with Interswitch Financial Inclusion Services LTD, has been endorsed to carry out all services initiated by other commercial banks within seconds.
Your freedom from long queue in the banking hall and ATM centre is here at last. You are free from bank no network to carry out operations or panic for bank's 4pm closing time or waiting till Monday to process transactions as no weekend operations. No more stress nor time wasting.

We guarantee 24hrs service. No closing time nor transaction limit. No delay in transaction or unnecessary debit alerts.

All our trusted and reliable customers can get their transactions done at the comfort of their zones.

For Enquiries:
Email: info.teemselfglobal@gmail.com.

Call/Whatsapp :08095505269, 07032862443, 08081364659

Office Addresses :
42, Progress College Rd car Wash bstop Abule Egba Lagos

15B, Alhaji Bishi Str, Off Cele Bus stop, Moshalashi, Alagbado, Lagos.

Plot X,  Balogun Titun, Bank B/Stop, Ifo-Ogun State.

Better still we are now a technology-based Financial institution i.e we are operating on the higher level than the conventional financial institutions.


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